Who we are

Team of BlockChain Experts

Nevada BlockChain

Your BlockChain Expert Partner

We are a team of BlockChain Entrepreneurs professionals in different areas such as Computer Programming, Crypto Currency Trading, Mining Hardware Engineers. We are here to help you integrate your projects into BlockChain, whatever they are.


Our Mission is to help the world Integrate to BlockChain Technology by educating our clients and followers.


The security of the BlockChain is not comparable to any existing technology, therefore, it will be part of almost everything in the very near future.

Our Services

Porta Etiam

Mining Solutions

We can build custom or premade rigs for you and ship them to you, or we can setup a contract to build and maintain mining rigs for you including mining tips to maximize profitability.

Crypto Currency Consultations

If you are interested in any Crypto Currency but not sure how to approach the investment or other option we can help you selecting best options for your personal or business project.

BlockChain Development

We can help you build an application with BlockChain technology and help you setup Crowdfunding and other investment options for your BlockChain Ideas.

BlockChain Management

You want to get into BlockChain but still continue with your current business/job?
We are here to help you manage your BlockChain operation and grow it for you.